“I loved this from the get-go, and not just because I am partial to monsters. I loved the mixture of sometimes dark and sometimes violent comedy making a helix with important questions about otherness and monsterhood in the real world of our lives and bodies.” (Re: the work in progress short story collection Curious Monsters)
— -Lidia Yuknavitch, for the 2018 Madeline P. Plonsker Emerging Writers Residency Prize



“Chelsea Sutton’s adaptation of this 19th century tale is appropriately macabre and still manages to surprise audiences in her fresh reimagining. Sutton takes the heart of the story, its essential elements and puts them through a distorted modern lens leaving behind a re-creation that is bewitching and profound.”

– Tin Pan LA

“Writer Chelsea Sutton was the master puppeteer of this script and gives us a rowdy, colorful, hysterical, nightmarish, distortedly familiar adventure that left us laughing, cringing, and wanting more.”

– ColoradoBoulevard.net

“Writer / director Chelsea Sutton has penned a script rich in imagery…. Sutton has managed to give voice to the poet within each character and directs these lyrical passages into truly touching and authentic moments within the play.”

– Splash Magazine

“The characters in this whimsical tale by Chelsea Sutton, who also directs, are so far out in so many ways that you’re sure you’ll never meet anyone like that. The problem is that the more you think of it, you begin to get the queasy feeling that you actually may know someone like that and perhaps even (gulp) there may be a little of YOU in the characters….if you’re into some off the wall fantasy, this is the kind of story you will enjoy.”

– ReviewPlays.com


“There is a beautiful poetry in Ms Sutton’s writing with more than a few moments that made me stop and lean forward in my seat.”

– LA Theatre Review

“BLEW ME AWAY… delightfully dark in all the best ways…one show you do not want to miss.”

— Horror Buzz

“MAD INVENTIVENESS… magically combines its [grim] vision with buoyant comedy and colorful spectacle…  an overwhelming sensory feast… a dazzling romp through the dark side”

— Theatre Ghost

“DELICIOUSLY TWISTED… terrific news for those who like their fairy tales dark and dirty and theatrically magical.”

— Stage Scene LA